The Advantages of Acornvac

Published April 6th, 2012 by Baker Mechanical Systems Inc.

Anyone keen on the plumbing industry of today can tell you about AcornVac Inc. A company that keeps up with the times is an understatement. With their West Coast mentality, AcornVac has revolutionized vacuum drainage systems for several years. These vacuum systems have been showing up more frequently, especially in the last few years, in food markets, healthcare centers, renovated buildings and correctional institutions across America. With each new system installed, more people become aware of not just what vacuum drainage systems can do, but how many advantages come with these systems in every facet of the drain game. Where once we were forced to spend days trenching and cutting up floors to fit drains and run underground piping, vacuum systems have eliminated all that to make way for the future of drainage. So the question becomes, what are the advantages of AcornVac and their revolutionary vacuum drainage systems?

For starters, an AcornVac system is cost efficient. Forgetting the fact that vacuum systems are much easier to install and maintain, the main goal of any system you may be looking into applying to your building is determining how much it will cost. Vacuum systems are cheaper because they operate with smaller diameter pipe and fittings. They utilize a combination of pressure and gravity energies to collect and dispose of water waste, so most of the work is done without the need of wide, heavy pipe. More than that, you will save on installation because the vacuum allows the system to be put up either vertically or horizontally. They can be put over electrical systems due to the vacuum suction preventing leaks from seeping out and therefore adapting the idea of an “open architecture” environment. The system is self venting and the need for roof penetration is eliminated. Throw in the fact that there is no floor cutting, core drilling, trenching or underground needed and you suddenly have a slew of cost cuts to work with.

In terms of the install and maintenance of vacuum systems, you will never again have to cut up a store floor to get to a piece of leaking pipe. Even still, vacuum systems clog less due to the same suction that prevents oozing leaks and changing out sections are faster and cheaper than any underground maintenance. This also means that any work needed to be done, because the system is more accessible, will be done with more ease and safety to not just the mechanics, but the customers and patrons occupying the area. This will clean up any nasty customer service nightmare before they may transpire. Vacuum systems are great for remodels because of the ease of installation and the ability of the system to go up anywhere. The limitations of weather or project sequencing are reduced almost entirely into non-existence because of the diversity of the system. When it comes around to inspection time, you’ll be reassured knowing inspectors can track and follow the system with flexible and easy access.

At its core, AcornVac is turning the world of plumbing around with innovation. Vacuum drainage systems aren’t just a new fad or a fading ideology. They are the here and now, but also the future of drainage plumbing all together. For those who’ve had to live and die by the integrity of six inch cast iron pipe, buried below sand, stone and cement slab just under your feet, you’ll understand how important a drainage system is when it can run up a wall or under a freezer rack without fail. You’ll realize that problems with iron rust and corrosion will be a memory. When a system saves on not just cost or material, but time and maintenance, plus provides a safer working environment as well, you’re hitting every area out of the park. AcornVac is a proprietor of pushing the future into the world of today and for good reason. They’re simply the best.

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